Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the vendors from?

Most of CFMs vendors are local to Cleveland and the surrounding areas of Mound Bayou, Boyle, Gunnison, Renova, Marigold, Shelby, Indianola, Rueville, and Rosedale. We also frequently have regional vendors from Sardis, Mississippi.

What does it mean to be a “certified market”?

CFM is a Mississippi Certified Farmers Market through the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. We undergo an inspection once every season from MDAC and passing that inspection we are not required to be inspected by any other governmental food or health organization. This certification also allows our vendors to sell tax free – and allows our customers to shop tax free. This certification also means that our market meets certain guidelines, to learn more about Mississippi Certified Farmers Markets, please visit the MDAC website here.

Can I use WIC vouchers at the market?

Yes! Each of our vendors operates independently, and some of them do accept WIC vouchers through the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program. Please note that WIC vouchers can be used only on fresh produce. For more information visit the WIC website here.

How can I help the market?

Shop at the market every Saturday! Our vendors have freshly picked produce every week. Be a volunteer on Saturdays! The Market Alley opens at 7:00am so our vendors can setup before the market begins. We can always use extra hands to setup tents and tables, and help our vendors unload. Donate to Cleveland Farmers Market! Your donation is kept right here in Cleveland and goes towards buying tents and tables for our vendors, advertising, keeping this website live and more. You can even earn free market swag from your donation! Check out our Sponsor Page to learn more.

Designed By: Michael Lee | Updated: 12/27/16